LKK Organic Art 

When Fantasy Meet Reality

Drawing and painting have been a lifelong passion.  I am a self taught artist and have lived in the Allegany foothills, in Western New York, most of my life but now live in  Ocala, Florida.     

I am a nature girl at heart, as is reflected in my



A bit of fantasy has always been close to my heart as well.

I have always had a passion for horses and I am currently working on a new series of these beautiful animals, bringing together my new passion using a combination of art forms and materials. 

I use a variety of paints, inks and other  materials and the power of the chemistry between these pigments carried by different mediums my attract or repel each other resulting in interesting formations.


  Life experiences are repeated in my paintings.  Surviving the Storm,  Into the Light, Waiting to Breath as well as my flare for fantasy and the beauty of nature around me.  


The organic techniques of my newest paintings  have steered my creative endeavors in a direction that I would have never imagined.  I love when the painting directs me yet learning how to control the paint has been my biggest challenge.    This art  has evolved my once realistic art to a completely new creative place.  


  I am constantly challenging myself and perfecting my desired techniques that are unique from any other in the this new creative art form.  The combination of pouring my acrylics and then combining with  realistic details is satisfying my  creative passion.  I am calling this area of my art LReitz Art.


I hope you enjoy this art as much as I enjoy creating it.

All Painting are for sale as well as signed copies of my designs in any size wanted.   Custom colors  may also be ordered as I welcome consignments.